Did you know that the basement drainage system is one of the most important drains in your home? If there is ever flooding in your home, and you do not have the correct basement drainage system, the insurance company will not cover the damages.
Superior Plumbing is always prepared to help. Our professional technicians can instal a new drainage system in no time, and will ensure that the installation is according to your insurance standards, as well as building codes.

Bathtub drain installation in Cambridge

Have you been thinking about renovating your bathroom? Replacing an old bathtub drain? Or perhaps to get an overflow drain replaced? Superior Plumbing has vast experience in this area of work. Installing a new bathtub drain can be as easy as picking up the phone and calling us for help. When we install new fixtures, we always coordinate with our clients needs. We ensure high quality installation, so that it lasts for years to come.

Did you just buy a new vanity, and do not know what to do next? Superior Plumbing is here to help. Our technicians are able to complete a drain installation for your vanity sameday. If you have not chosen your new faucet, you can choose a new one from our catalog, or we can pick one up for you from any local store. Vanity drain installation is an easy task for our experts, despite any complications to come. We are able to adjust your drain and water line connections according to your new vanity.

drain installation  service in Cambridge

Drainage pipe installation in Cambridge

Superior Plumbing carries its name proudly. We can handle any type of work whether it is inside or outside of your home. If you have an automatic water sprinkler system, or just have an issue with the soil draining rain water, we can help. We install drainage in the yard by completing drainage pipe installation under the soil. Your yard has never looked so neat and clean before.

French drain installation

  • french drain installation
  • installing french drain around house
  • installing french drain in yard

Superior Plumbing is not afraid to work with soil and deal with french drain installation. French drain is done by installing french drain around the house or installing in a specific spot in your yard. As soon as our experts complete french drain installation you will never have to worry about excessive water in your soil again.

drain installation  service in Cambridge

Shower Drain installation

Do you need a shower drain installed in a new residence? Superior Plumbing can take care of this simple project for you. We use specific plumbing technology in order for the drain not to clog in the years to come. Our technology will allow easy access for any future service. If you need to replace or relocate your existing shower drain, our experts are here to help. We will measure and pick the best suitable place for the drain, so it does not cause issues in the future. Superior plumbing uses only the most reliable materials and techniques when completing a shower drain flange installation, or replacing a shower drain

Sink Drain installation in Cambridge

If your sink drain system is leaking and falling apart, this is a sign that the job was not completed correctly, despite the age of the system. Superior Plumbing ensures to follow all standards, and use high quality materials when replacing a sink drain. It can be a bathroom or a kitchen sink drain. We know the best design for a long lasting solution, and easily accessible for any future services. If you need a double sink to one drain installation, our experts at Superior Plumbing can do that for you as well. Installing a sink drain pipe is our day to day job, and we excel at it. Read our reviews!

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